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“Hemp Flower below 0.3% TOTAL THC INCLUDING THC-A”

Colony Hemp Farms grows Hemp Flower that is below 0.3% TOTAL THC that includes THC-A. Whatever state that you are located in, you will always be in compliance regarding Delta 8, Delta 9 and THC-A, because we are well under the 0.3 Total THC.

– Jack Young

About Us

highest quality hemp flower

Hemp Flower has emerged as a very sought after product. Colony Hemp farms has stepped up our game in providing a hallmark of Hemp Flower Products.

Colony Hemp Farms is a collective of various Hemp Farms that have formed coalition of Hemp Farms located in Oregon, a colony of farms, thus the name Colony Hemp Farms. We can provide numerous different strains and potency of Hemp Flower for your desired needs and we offer the absolute best pricing in today’s market place, guaranteed!

Collectively, we have decided to form this unique group of farms to become your one stop shop for all your Hemp Flower and Hemp Oil needs. Southern Oregon is one of the best places in the world to cultivate Hemp. Our elevation and climate among other factors allows us to produce the finest, highest quality, potent and robust flavors of Hemp Flower in the world.

We are group of no nonsense farmers that have only one objective in mind, and that to provide our clients with the best products at the best prices. Our unique group of farmers specializes in one or two different strains of Hemp Flower and has perfected them supremely.

Our goal is to maintain endless supply of Hemp products, while maintaining a consistency degree of standards that you would expect.
We hang and air dry all of our Hemp Flower products to ensure the absolute highest quality. Utilizing these drying methods ensure that we are keeping the Hemp Flower as intact as we can to preserve the cannabinoids , potency and natural occurring terpenes of the Hemp Flower.

colony hemp farms

our products

100% organic -no pesticides - air dried

Bubba Kush

below 0.3% THC

Bubba Kush hemp flower an indica dominant hybrid strain is known across the globe for its relaxing and mellow mood qualities. With beautiful pine, woodsy and perhaps citrus kick with medium hues and a deep earthy smell. This tight and dense flower is a treat for all the senses. Bubba Kush is always a hit strain for those that just want to unwind.

Bubba Kush CBD Hemp Flower in Sacramento

Berry Blossom

below 0.3% THC

Berry Blossom hemp flower received its name because of its similarity to the Acai Berry aroma. It is a combination of Cherry Kandahar and Chardonnay This strain is known for its high CBD content and strong terpene profiles. Some say that it carries a residual of raspberry after taste. Berry Blossom is a light green strain with scattered purple hues. Berry blossom consists of the terpene Myrcene which has been linked to helping reduce inflammation and pain.

Cherry Blossom

below 0.3% THC

Cherry Blossom hemp flower has a heavy indica presence. Cherry Blossom is very popular and highly sought after strain. It is soft, fluffy and has light green buds. This strain has a robust sweet, earthy and hints of cherry and mixed berry undertones. Cherry Blossom is typically used for anxiety, stress and an overall calming effect.
Low in THC, High in CBD.

Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower Pricing

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Why is Colony Hemp Farms so Proud of Our Hemp Strains?

Every strain that we sell is below 0.3% THC including THC-A. Everyone should be aware that THC-A is heated when smoked, decarboxylation occurs and THC-A converts to THC and becomes psychoactive and can potentially get you high. When purchasing Hemp Flower be sure to see the COA for that product and make sure that the THC-A is compliant under the 0.3% and is added to the total THC%. Both, THC-A combined with Delta 9 should be under the 0.3%. A lot of web sites are not mentioning the THC-A content, it should be seriously considered when purchasing Hemp Flower. Buy this High Quality Hemp Flower in Sacramento, California now from a trusted source, Colony Hemp Farm.

Farm Fresh Hemp Flower in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Fairfield, Antioch, Stockton, Concord, Vallejo, Richmond, Berkeley, Santa Rosa & The Surrounding Areas

Farm Fresh Hemp

from colony farms direct to you

Jack and his family started off in the Cannabis industry before converting over to being completely dedicated to the Industrial Hemp market. We take pride in delivering products that have been overseen at every phase to achieve the highest crown from seed to shelf. The virtue of these products is second to none!

Colony Farms is steadfast in their commitment to upholding the best farming techniques along with maintaining 100% Organic practices. All of our products are Heavy Metal and Pesticide Free.


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